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The Conversation





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Stoll Vaughan

Americana/Folk singer-songwriter

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Originally hails from Kentucky. His first two records “Hold on Thru Sleep and Dreams” and “Love Like A Mule” were in the Top 10 on the Americana charts. He has toured with the likes of John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, James McMurtry, Marty Stuart and opened for a Def Leppard/Journey co-bill (to name a few). Vaughan made his way to LA via Nashville, where he now resides. His music has been featured in major motion pictures and television series such as True Blood, Friday Night Lights, Shameless, The Office, The Open Road and composed music for David Lynch’s Webby Award winning Internet series Interview Project. Vaughan helped develop, co-produce, and co-write for recently released Sketches of American Music, the debut EP by Duane Betts, son of Allman Brothers Band guitarist Dickey Betts. He has also been co-writing with Duane and Devon Allman (Greg Allman’s son) for their upcoming project together. Stoll’s latest record The Conversation, was released earlier this year. It was co-produced by Carl Broemel, guitarist of My Morning Jacket and Mike Wanchic, Mellencamp’s longtime guitarist and co-producer. The album’s title, Stoll says, signifies “being in a continual conversation regarding people, God, and the fears we carry around—and how music interplays with everything emotionally and spiritually. But it’s really me trying to listen, and then relying on trusted friends to help me put down what I heard.”

The COnversation

“…brilliant new album…” 

“…a delicate, deep reaching moment of storytelling, it captures the essence of a great songwriter at his finest…” 

Russell Trunk/Exclusive Magazine

"…minimalist folk-rock numbers led by the ease and grace of Vaughan’s voice and guitar picking…”  -Innocent Words

“…the kind of songs that feel like they will be around a long time, moving listeners to use them as something to hold on to and hopefully make sense of what can sometimes be the senseless…” 

“…They come from a hard-earned understanding of what adults are capable of, but also offer a guiding hand to healing…”

“…it moves into a place where folk music lives best: inside the human heart…”

Bentley’s Bandstand/Morton Report

Includes song’s “Meet You In The Middle”, featured in The Office and “Further Down The Line,” featured in The Open Road.

SV The Conversation Album Art .jpg


 Tête-à-Tête Collaboration/The Conversation Inglewood acoustic sessions.  Directed by Austin Lynch.