Stoll Vaughan...

is an Americana artist who has seized the opportunities that well written and thoughtfully recorded songs can provide. His first two records, Hold on to Sleep and Dreams, and Love Like a Mule produced by Mike Wanchic respectfully hit the top 10 on the Americana charts. Vaughan has toured alongside names like Mellencamp, Marty Stuart, James McMurtry, Don Williams and John Fogerty as well as founded his own music publishing company. His music has been featured prominently on major motion pictures and network TV series such as "True Blood", "The Office (US)", "Friday Night Lights", "Shameless", "A World Made Straight" and countless others. He is also been the composer for "David Lynch’s Interview Project", (for which it garnered a Webby Award), "Really" written and directed by Jay Chandrasekhar, and The Making Of "There Will Be Blood".

Keeping his work completely independent and starting Commonwealth Artists with collaborator Mike Wanchic, Vaughan has created the foundation and leverage needed to thrive in the fragmented world of music. 

For Vaughan's newest album, "The Conversation", the artist joined forces with Director Austin Lynch to create a series of stripped down videos, documenting 5 acoustic performances and the landscapes and people they convey in and around Los Angeles- while also returning to work with Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket) to produce the songs in their entirety.



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